Shel Lab – Vacuum Ovens for the Laboratory

EPS is fortunate to offer the most flexible, durable and reliable ovens on the market. We address laboratory, industrial and medical pharmaceutical markets, providing the best solutions available in a broad range of industries. Our Shel Lab units include many economical options too.

Vacuum Ovens from Shel Lab

Shel Lab vacuum ovens provide exceptional capabilities for fast and gentle drying of heat sensitive materials. These requirement-designed laboratory ovens prevent residue accumulation and safely dry materials at temperatures lower than when using convection laboratory ovens. Shel Lab vacuum ovens are built with stainless steel chambers for exceptional durability, and double plenum design meets EU, CSA and UL requirements for a cool outer surface. Plus, Shel Lab vacuum ovens have a unique cross-flow ventilation that forces inert gas to fill the entire chamber.

Ideal for These Vacuum Oven Applications:

Moisture Determination
Out Gassing Solids
Aging Tests
Chemical Resistance Studies
Drying of Paper
Rubber and Textiles
Dry Sterilization
Out Gassing Liquids
Vacuum Storage
Electronic Process Control