Cress Benchtop Heat Treat Furnaces

EPS has a long history carrying the complete line of Cress furnaces with a wide range of heat treating requirements for the laboratory, tool room and production floor. Our ongoing support for units in service has resulted in many repeat customers. And for many units we offer free freight.

Benchtop Heat Treat Furnaces

Heat treat furnaces (often called hardening furnaces) have higher heat output than draw furnaces due to the elevated temperatures they need to operate at for treating tool steel. Heat transfer to tool steel is a very efficient process that requires precise temperature uniformity.

Auto tuning microprocessor-based controller, alloy wire elements, and easy to change porcelain plates make Cress benchtop heat treatment furnaces easy to operate. Heavy gauge sheet steel furnace casing, and the finest quality insulating fire brick backed up by 1800°F block insulation provide long term reliability. Our Cress single chamber heat treat furnaces come with two door safety switches, and counter-balanced doors.

As with all our industrial furnaces, we work hard to bring you quality service and products, while offering unparalleled experience.

The Process of Heat Treatment

Heat treating (also known as heat treatment or heat treat) is a set of processes in industrial manufacturing applications to change the physical (and sometimes chemical) properties of metals. These processes include annealing, aging, quenching, assaying,  tempering and hardening. The resulting alterations are caused by hardening or softening materials through heating and chilling at extreme temperatures.

The hardening temperature for many tool steels (AISI A2, A6, D2, H13), for example, is between 1500°F and 2000°F.

Sometimes other materials are require heat treatment as well – if you have a unique application, be sure to contact us to discuss the right heat treat furnace for you.

Benchtop Heat Treat Furnace Uses

Benchtop heat treatment furnaces (sometimes referred to as heat treating ovens) are designed for general use in the shop, laboratory or factory where precise control of time and temperatures from 300°F to 2250°F ±25 °F are required. They are used for heat treating metal, assaying and all types of testing.

Our line of Cress benchtop heat treatment furnaces are ideal for the heat treating of metal, quartz glass, industrial ceramics, jewelry, porcelain, pottery ornamental ceramics and many other applications.

Normal max. temperature for heat treatment furnaces is 1232°C (2250°F). Optional 1316°C (2400°F.) max. temperature furnaces are also available.

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