SVAC9-2 Large Vacuum Oven

  • 9.3 cu. ft.
  • 220V
  • 3 Shelves

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Shel Lab Model SVAC9-2 Large Capacity Vacuum Oven

Three Shelves, 9.3 Cu.Ft.

Shel Lab Vacuum Ovens Watlow temperature controller are programmable and microprocessor-based, offering multiple ramp and soak capabilities, including storing and running up to 40 temperature profiles. The controls are easily adjustable and the control panel is user friendly. A digital vacuum gauge shows chamber vacuum level in measurements of Torr and m/Torr. The display range is 760 Torr down to 0 mTorr (Maximum permitted end vacuum is 10 mTorr. Leak rate is 10 mTorr per hour). A secondary independent high limit controller provides overtemperature safety protection.

The vacuum oven chamber is wrapped in high temperature insulation which aids overall performance and promotes energy efficiency. All stainless steel construction, true vacuum valves and cross-flow ventilation through the oven chamber enhance total performance. Vacuum oven is secured to a ruggedly constructed mobile stand to create a vacuum pump at the base. Although the oven is not supplied with a vacuum pump, all vacuum plumbing and KF25 connections are provided. Stainless steel is used for all vacuum tubing and connections.

SHEL LAB Vacuum Ovens are unparalleled in the quality of their construction.

Features include:

  • Large 9.3 Cu.Ft. Capacity
  • Ramp and Soak Controller
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • KF25 Fitting Included
  • Built in Vacuum Pump Mount
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty

9.0 cu. ft.

Interior Dimensions WxDxH in.

24 x 28 x 24 in. (61 x 71 x 61 cm)

Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in.

36.25 x 45 x 62 in. (92 x 114 x 158 cm)

Temperature Uniformity

+/- 7.0 @ 150 C

Heat-up (min)

90 at 150 C









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