Shel Lab Gravity Convection Laboratory Ovens

EPS is fortunate to offer the most flexible, durable and reliable ovens on the market. We address laboratory, industrial and medical pharmaceutical markets, providing the best solutions available in a broad range of industries. Our Shel Lab units include many economical options too.

Shel Lab Gravity Ovens

Shel Lab gravity convention laboratory ovens are a triple wall construction and include adjustable air exhaust away from the heat source. These gravity convection oven provides a degree of uniformity comparable to most forced air ovens on the market, but are often more economical. These laboratory ovens also come in multiple sizes, each with reserve heating power for quick recovery after door openings.

SGO3 Gravity Oven

3 cubic feet (85 L) Capacity, 110-120V

Model: SGO3
Part ID: SLG322

SGO3-2 Gravity Oven

3 cubic feet (85 L) Capacity, 220-240V

Model: SGO3-2
Part ID: SLG322-EA

Economical and Ideal for Industrial, Analytical, and General Laboratory Oven Applications, Including:

Gravity Convection Laboratory Ovens from Shel Lab have are perfect for analytical and critical scientific use in laboratories or pilot plant product research where applications may include:

Lifecycle testing

EPS Ovens Now Offering Free Freight on All SHEL LAB Ovens & Select Cress Units

For a limited time we are now offering free freight on all SHEL LAB ovens as well as Cress Single Chamber and Cress Dual Chamber Heat Treat Furnaces. The SHEL LAB oven series offers a diverse choice of forced air ovens (floor models and bench-top units), gravity convection, clean room ovens, nitrogen purge ovens, and vacuum ovens. You will often hear […]

Get Help Choosing a SHEL LAB Oven

Have questions before taking on the challenge of selecting the right SHEL LAB oven for your application? From forced air and vacuum oven models to gravity convection ovens, and test chambers to clean room ovens, SHEL LAB offers plenty to choose from across multiple heat processing applications.

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