EPS and Durable Heat Treat Furnaces From Cress – Shipped For Free

EPS and Cress Furnaces have been working together for over 20 years. In recognition of this impressive liaison, EPS is offering free shipping for all laboratory and tool room furnaces. While the competitive...

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Two Types of Cress Heat Treat Furnaces – Which is Right For You?

Choosing the right heat treating furnace for your application can be a tricky process, as you are inundated with a seemingly unending parade of heat treating categories, feature sets and...

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Cress Heat Treatment- Benchtop Heat Treating Furnace Front
How Can EPS Help You Choose the Right Cress Furnace For Your Application?

Cress Manufacturing has been a leader in the heat treating industry for more than 50 years, and today the manufacturer continues to produce some of the highest quality heat treating...

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