SGO3-2 Medium Oven

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Digital Controls, Stainless Steel Interior, 3.4 Cu. Ft., 220-230V

The SGO Oven Series has triple wall construction and easy to read microprocessor controls. This gravity convection oven provides a degree of uniformity comparable to most forced air ovens on the market.

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  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Superb Temperature Control
  • Cool Touch Damper
  • Digital Timer to 99 hr and 59 min
  • Optional Reversible Door

The gravity convection oven incorporates a rugged, triple wall construction. In addition, users can adjust the air exhaust from the chamber without being near the heat source.

The 99 hour and 59 minute digital timer has an independent control so its use is optional. Once the timer expires the power is cut to only the heating elements.


While oven applications are very diverse, it is possible to break down their uses into three main categories: Drying, Baking and Curing. Common drying applications include drying glassware, paper and pulp, textiles, non-flammable crystalline chemicals solid materials and tissue.

Ovens are also used for biochemical research, drug metabolism research, moisture content analysis, pre-heating containers, moisture elimination, chemical precipitation and proteins and starch digestion.

Whatever the application, these general purpose ovens deliver precise uniformity, air distribution and the peace of mind expected from the SHEL LAB brand.

Incubator Chamber Capacity

3.4 cu. ft.

Chamber Dimensions WxDxH

16.5" x 19.2" x 18.7"

Exterior Dimensions WxDxH

26.0" x 27.5" x 35.5"

Temperature Uniformity

+/-4.5C at 150C

Temperature Recovery Time

11 minutes at 150C

Heat-up (min)

36 minutes to 150C










2 Supplied (8 Maximum)

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