Shel Lab Test Chambers and Clean Room Ovens

EPS is fortunate to offer the most flexible, durable and reliable ovens on the market. We address laboratory, industrial and medical pharmaceutical markets, providing the best solutions available in a broad range of industries. Our Shel Lab units include many economical options too.

Clean Room Ovens

Our clean air ovens incorporate all the special features needed for high temperature clean room work, and are available in a broad array of sizes, styles and technology.

Some of the key features include:

Over Temperature Protection
Stainless Steel Construction
Nitrogen Purging
Horizontal Airflow
Adjustable Air Intakes
24 Step ramps
Wrap Around insulation
LED Digital Displays
Heliarc Welds
High Temperature Seals

SMO5CR-2 Cleanroom Forced Air Oven

3.9 Cu. Ft. 111 L | 230V

Model: SMO5CR-2
Part ID: SMO5CR-2