R-24-S Quench Furnace
R-24-S Quench Furnace

Cress Manufacturing

R-24-S Quench Furnace

Heating Application

Aluminum Heat Treatment

Exterior Dimensions WxLxH in.

57.5 x 112 x 158

Capacity Cu. Ft. (L)

15.75 (446.04)

Chamber Dimensions WxLxH in.

36 x 36 x 21

Max Input Power (kW)


Max Intermittent Temp


Max Continuous Temp


Heating Elements

Heavy gauge Chrome-Nickel mounted in grooves on all four sidewalls


2400 lbs

Voltage Requirement

240V (3 Phase AC)

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The Cress R-24-S Quench Furnace - designed for bottom opening quick quench aluminum heat treatment
Temperature gradients are plus or minus 5F or less.
from 200F to 1950F

CONTROLS: The R-24-S Drop Bottom Quench Furnace comes standard with a Model SD, digital LED readout microprocessor programmable control mounted in a separate free standing control cabinet.

ELEMENTS: High temperature alloy wire elements are mounted in grooves on the walls and door, this provides all around heating and close gradients throughout the furnace chamber.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: The furnace door can be opened and the load rack can be lowered into quench tank manually within six seconds. Door rolls easily on casters mounted on inclined track. Air assist to raise and lower loads up to 1000 lbs. easily. Uniform temperature is accomplished by a 15″ stainless steel fan mounted in the roof which circulates air down sidewalls and up through load. Airflow is directed by a full stainless steel baffle within furnace. Furnace is equipped with an insulated quench tank. Immersion heater with thermostat control optional.

A full stainless steel baffle within the furnace directs airflow. The insulated quench tank is mounted on V groove casters with a track so it can be rolled back out of the way.

  • 480 Volt, 3 Phase
  • Data communications package
  • Stainless Steel load basket
  • Quench tank heater and circulation pump system
  • Audible Process Alarm