Pure Path 100 Distillation System
Pure Path 100 Distillation System

Cascade Sciences

Pure Path 100 Distillation System

• 10-15 mLITER PER MIN
• 600 – 900 GRAMS PER HOUR
• -90°C TO 230°C LEAK-TIGHT

Cascade’s PURE PATH 100 is a thin film distillation system optimized for viscous crude refinement. The PURE PATH features quality German made chillers from Huber, Heidolph’s overhead stirrer, a -105C mechanically refrigerated cold trap and a vacuum system outfitted with Agilent’s deep, hi-vac diffusion pump paired with a clean, oil-less dry scroll backing pump.

Cascade has specifically selected Asahi Glass for its smooth precision, performance and durability. Ultra-smooth glass surface keeps tight vacuum throughout the system and wiped films uniform. Lesser glass will often slightly leak – reducing performance/output and increase labor efforts chasing down small vacuum leaks. Asahi’s glass has a broad 110°C temperature delta to withstands thermal shocks. This temperature delta prevents breakage and allows processing in extreme temperature ranges.

Each system comes with professional on-site installation and training.

• Asahi leak tight, precision glassware
• Agilent hi-vac diffusion pump paired with a
clean, oil-free scroll backing pump
• Huber German quality circulator and chiller
• Heidolph German quality overhead stirrer
• Cascade’s -105°C cold trap
• Installation and training
• Industrial mobile rack