AE-1836-DW Mid Size Furnace
AE-1836-DW Mid Size Furnace

Cress Manufacturing

AE-1836-DW Mid Size Furnace

Heating Application

Drawing, Tempering, and Annealing (Low Temp. Hardening)

Exterior Dimensions WxLxH in.

36 x 62 x 70

Capacity Cu. Ft. (L)

5.813 (164.62)

Chamber Dimensions WxLxH in.

18 x 31 x 18

Max Input Power (kW)


Max Intermittent Temp


Max Continuous Temp


Heating Elements

High Temp. Alloy Wire mounted on all walls, floor, and brick door


2050 lbs

Voltage Requirement

230V (3 Phase AC)

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The Cress AE1836DW Draw Furnace -
Rear blower supplied - allows the chamber to have a uniformity of +/-10F up to 1200F
Within a few inches of the walls, ceiling and floor-
Perfect for hardening all types of metal and tools.

CONTROLS: This Cress Draw Furnace comes equipped with the Cress Auto-tuning Microprocessor Base. The controller is mounted in the bottom skirt of the furnace. Contractor, Chromel-Alumel Thermocouple and all wiring are included. A door limit switch is mounted on the furnace frame which automatically turns the elements off when the door is opened. A separate contractor, high limit control and solid state zero voltage switching of power to elements are standard.

ELEMENTS: High temperature alloy wire elements are mounted in porcelain plates on walls and floor of the furnace and in grooves in brick of the door to provide all around heating and close gradients throughout furnace chamber. A ceramic hearth plate covers elements on the floor of the furnace.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: This Cress furnace has a frame constructed of heavy steel angle and 18 gauge sheet steel metal panels are used to form the furnace exterior case. The production furnace case is finished in a pleasing gray hammertone. The vertical rising door is mounted on heavy levers and is opened by lifting up wide handle. The counter weight holds the door up in the raised position and the weight of the door gives a good brick to brick seal in the lowered position. This door protects the operator from burns because the hot surface always faces away from them. The front loading furnace door opens manually very smoothly and easily.

All walls and door are constructed of 41/2″ of the finest quality insulating brick backed up by 2″ of 1800F block insulation. This combination of insulation and wall thickness helps to give fast heat up and excellent heat retention for economical operation.

  • Side Opening Door
  • DW Models for Drawing Include Stainless Steel Fan
  • Quench Tanks Available
  • Stainless Steel Port for Protective Inert Atmosphere Operation
  • 208 or 480 VAC, 3 Phase
  • Draw Units Available with 2000F Maximum Temperature Fan
  • Audible Process Alarm