SKU: SLF1422-H
SMO14-2 Forced Air Oven

  • For General Purpose Use in the Lab
  • 14.6 cu. ft
  • 230V

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SMO14-2 NEW – Forced Air Oven, 14.6 Cubic Feet, 230V

The SHEL LAB SMO14-2 features 14 cubic feet of economical oven space. The independent overtemperature safety feature is user adjustable and provides added safety. The forced, blower-assisted airflow design offers excellent temperature uniformity and fast recovery. A turbo blower and heavy-duty motor combine to direct air over the shelves and samples for even, constant drying, curing and baking.

There are several models to choose from in the forced air product line, with varying sizes and control features. The large capacity units are perfect for high volume sample and drying applications, including production processes. These units are especially ideal for glassware drying.

SHEL LAB ovens are available in a broad array of sizes, styles, and technology. Features:

  • Three-inch Adjustable Exhaust Port
  • Stainless Steel Shelves
  • Independent Overtemperature Safety
  • High-Temperature Silicone Door Seal
  • Added docking collars to intake and exhaust ports to allow ducting to be attached for venting exhaust out of the workspace
  • Shelf standards moved to the sides of the unit for easier shelf installation
  • No Exposed Heating
  • Wrap Around Insulation
  • Durable Powder Coat Paint Exterior Finish
  • Digital Timer
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty

14.6 cu. ft.

Interior Dimensions WxDxH in.

30.8 × 24.8 × 31
(782 mm × 630 mm × 788 mm)

Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in.

39.1 × 34 × 48
(993 mm × 864 mm × 1219 mm)

Temperature Uniformity

3.0 °C







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