G-11-H Glass Annealing and Bake Out Furnace

  • 11.25 cu. ft. Capacity
  • 2250F Max Temp
  • 230V (3 Phase AC)

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These furnaces are designed primarily for annealing glass, and use as a bake out oven. However, it can be used for any purpose requiring controlled temperatures of up to 2250 degrees F. When inquiring, please state temperature desired.

These furnaces come standard with a digital programmable main control and a digital high limit safety control. Solid state power switching to the heating elements, and dual door limit safety switches that interrupt power to the elements when the door is opened.

All Around Heating

High temperature alloy wire elements are mounted in grooves in the brick walls. The design of the heating coils provides all around heating and close gradients throughout the furnace chamber.

Quality Insulated Construction

Heavy angle steel frame with 18 gauge sheet metal panels form the case. The walls are constructed of 4.5″ of the finest quality insulated firebrick backed up by 1800B0F block insulation. Counterweight lid opens easily. The lid is insulated with ceramic fiber. This combination of insulation and wall thickness helps to give fast heat up and excellent heat retention for economical operation.


11.25 cu. ft.

Interior Dimensions WxDxH in.

18 x 18 x 60

Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in.

80 x 40 x 87


230V (3 Phase AC)


60 cycle

KW Input



1200 lbs

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Maximum Temperature


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