PRESCOTT 1000 Lite Thin Film Distillation System

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 P1000 Lite
 Throughput 1L to 3L per hour (base on application)
 Final Pressure Down to 10-5 torr
 Evaporator Surface Approximately 1000 cm2, short path
 borosilicate glass and AISI 316 Ti stainless steel
 Feed Vessel 3000 ml, graduated, heated, interchangeable
 Product Receivers 3000 ml, graduated, heated, interchangeable
 Mains Supply 6 x 220V, 3 phase, 60Hz (plug is end user defined)
 Dimensions (WxHxD) 1750 x 2280 x 820 mm


 Mobile Mounting Frame
 Includes necessary holders and fastenings to accmmodate all
components, mounted on 4 wheels
 Graduated Feed Vessel Glass & AISI 316L, 3000 ml; heated by circulation thermostat liquid flow,
with complete heated inlet line, interchangeable with residue receiver
 Thin Film Short-Path Evaporator Made of glass, ~1000 cm2; with heated inlet and outlet lines and double
mantle for thermal oil heating with safety cover in polycarbonate
 Wiper Driver Motor Includes driving shaft with flexible coupling and vacuum-tight lead through
 Wiper Basket Stainless steel AISI 316 Ti with PTFE rollers
 Sensor for High Vacuum Application Includes integrated LCD-display; allows for application down to
10-5 torr (operating vacuum highly variable)
 Set of Sealings/Gaskets/Lines Viton components
 Optimized Vacuum System Includes diffusion pump and 15m3/h scroll pump, as well as big
vacuum cold trap with 2 additional condensate receivers
 Thermostat for Circulation
 Temperature range -20 to 100°C to temper the condenser cooling finger
inside the evaporator with 600W cooling capacity and 2kW heating power.
 Thermostat for Short-Path
Evaporator Operation
 Heating capacity of 2kW, operation temp. max. 200°C, with high performance
circulation pump, isolated tubes, PID control and color display.
 Thermostat for Heating of Feed
Vessel and Inlet Lines
 4L bath capacity, operating range 20 to 150°C, heating capacity 2kW



 Additional Heated Vessel with Dosing Valve Double mantled vessel, 3000ml, graduated, precise dosing valve,
to be used as feed vessel or residue vessel, including
quick-connectors for fluid tempering.
 Conversion Kit
 Converts power supplies between 190V – 600V at sites other than
230V (3 phase)
 Full Protective Sheathing Front doors and side panels made of transparent polycarbonate material
 Immersion Cooler Automatic cooling of the vacuum cold trap, closed process system,
temperature range down to -90°C

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