Ai 6″ Glass Turnkey 0.25m2 Thin Film Distillation System

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  • High precision PTFE rollers and inner glass surface allow a complete and uniform thin film on the heated surface, and prevent process residue
  • Pre-installed cooling/heating tubing with fluid direction labels and M16 ports
  • Low placed feeding flask for ease of operation
  • Driving motor with magnetic coupling sealing ensures high vacuum level
  • Constructed with high borosilicate glass 3.3, stainless steel and Viton gaskets for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Transparent glass system allows you to see through all processes
  • Auto delay safety circuit for diffusion pump cooling
  • Heavy duty stainless steel frame with stationable casters for mobility and stability
  • Optional Agilent diffusion pump with oil level indicator
  • Optional Turbo pump with fittings
  • Optional PolyScience immersion cooler down to -80°C (no dry ice needed)
  • Ai on-site installation within contiguous US included
  • Liquid Nitrogen (in cold trap) is highly recommended for system to get to optimal vacuum levels
  • UL/CSA certified


  • 1-2 day class on Ai Thin Film Distillation Systems, including setup, operation, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Class is private with five students limit.
  • Student requirements should be presented to Ai prior to arrival. Courses can be customized to meet your extraction goals, allowing you to optimize your time and output.
  • Students are responsible for their own accommodations.


  • Never fill circulated heaters or chillers with water, always use Ai or manufacturer’s recommended fluid
  • Always leave ample fluid space in heater reservoir to allow fluid heat expansion
  • Always keep system vacuum passage or drain valve open when heating up circulation jackets
  • Always make sure your vacuum pumps and diffusion pump fluid is clean and within limits



 Throughput  2L to 5L per hour (base on processes and material fed)
 Main Evaporator  Evaporating area: approximately 2,500 cm2
 Material: borosilicate glass
Glass jacket volume: approx. 3L
Heated circulator: 3kW heater, 300°C maximum operating temperature
 Main Condenser  Condensing area: approximately 4,000 cm2
 Material: borosilicate glass
Style: coil
Glass jacket volume: approx. 1.5L
Cooling/heated circulator: 2kW heater, -25°C to 200°C operating temperature
 Wiping System  Style: roller
Roller material: PTFE
Driving motor: speed-adjustable with magnetic coupling
Motor controller: DELTA
 Cold Trap  Material: borosilicate glass with polyethylene lid
Depth: 17″
Quantity: one
Receiving flask volume: 1L
Immersion cooler: PolyScience -80°C IP80 (OPTIONAL)
 Feeding System


 Drive: stainless steel gear pump, jacketed, heated, speed-adjustable
Flask volume: 10L, jacketed, refillable during operation
Material: borosilicate glass flask, with stainless steel lid
Flask jacket volume: approx. 4L
Tubing: stainless steel
Heating: heated tape with insulation
Heating controller: OMRON
Heated circulator: 2kW heater, 200°C maximum operating temperature
 Distillate Discharge


 Receiving flask volume: 10L, glass
Drain passage: non-heated
Sealing gasket: Viton
 Residue Discharge



 Receiving flask volume: 10L, glass
Drain passage: heated and insulated
Heating: heated tape with insulation
Heating controller: Omron
Sealing gasket: Viton
 Vacuum System


 Vacuum gauge: Agilent gauge with LCD display for high vacuum application
Vacuum pump: Welch CVRpro 30 with oil mist filter
Diffusion pump: Agilent AX-65 (OPTIONAL)
Turbo pump: option, please contact us
 Sealing gasket  All food grade Viton
 Electrical Control Cabinet



 Wiper motor controller x 1
Gear pump controller x 1
Feeding tubing heater controller x 1
Residue discharge heater controller x 1
Main power switch x 1
Vacuum pump switch x 1
Diffusion pump switch x 1
 Main Mounting Frame  Heavy duty stainless steel, mounted on four stationable casters
 Main Power  230V +/-5V, 1~phase 60Hz (50Hz power for Europe and Asia available upon request)
 Unit/shipping dimensions  86 x 24 x 77″ / 82 x 27 x 78″ (WxDxH)
 Unit/shipping weight  770 Lbs / 890 Lbs
 Compliance  UL, CSA
 Product brochure  Download


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