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Aluminum Aging Oven

  • Maximum Temperature: 800F
  • Electrically Heated
Aluminum Billet Preheat Oven

  • Continuous Aluminum Billet Preheat
  • Oven Temperature: 1200F
  • Gas Fired
  • Indexing Conveyor
Aluminum Solution Oven

  • Aluminum Solution Heat Treat / Quench Oven
  • Operating Temperature: 1100F
  • Electrically Heated
Custom Clamshell Furnace

EPS designed this custom heat treating clamshell furnace for manganese steel rail production. This custom clam shell furnace is designed to take 20 tons of cast rails to 1900F and transfer them into a quench bath in under 1 minute, giving the rails the strength and ductility required.