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Car Bottom Annealing Furnace

This car-bottom annealing furnace, designed and built by EPS for a large steel fabricator, is used to anneal large weldments, where the load weight can be up to 7500 lbs.

Computer Disk Oven

Used for Continuous Computer Disk Blank Annealing

  • Maximum Temperature 800F
  • Electrically Heated
Hot Glass Oven

Designed for factories working with Hot Glass Applications.

  • Temperature 800F
  • Electrically Heated
  • Supplied with Custom Loading Truck
Medical Wire Oven

  • Medical Wire Annealer
  • Temperature 1100F
  • Electrically Heated
  • Top-Loaded
Wire Coil Oven

EPS manufactures custom Wire Coil Annealing Ovens for Continuous Coil Set Annealing applications

  • 750F Temp.
  • Gas Fired
  • 7ft. Wide Conveyor Belt