Over a long partnership, EPS and Gruenberg have concentrated in medical and pharmaceutical industries where custom configurations may be necessary to meet stringent requirements. In many cases, our units are now the standard. Applications vary, including curing and drying of medical devices, granulation drying for water-based and solvent-based materials, and sterilization and depyrogenation in demanding clean room environments.


EPS offer the full line of Gruenberg depyrogenation and dry heat sterilizers ovens in cabinet style shelf-loaded or truck-in cart loaded styles, in both standard and custom sizes and configurations to fit the most demanding lab and clean room application requirements, where the oven is to be loaded and unloaded from the same side, or where the oven needs to be a pass-through configuration, where loading is done one side and unloaded is done on the other side in a clean room.  The pass-through configurations are installed through a wall separating the loading room and clean room.

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EPS offers a wide variety of custom granulation dryers for a wide variety of pharmaceutical preparations, including: Nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc.. Medicinal tablets and capsules. Capabilities to dry water and alcohol based preparations. Custom features to fit any application and loading configuration.

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