Different Laboratory Oven Type FAQ

What are the different types of SHEL LAB ovens?

How do I find the right one?

How do I find the right one?

We want you to select the right oven when the time comes to purchase a new unit. Rest assured, SHEL LAB offers various types of ovens for you specific needs. Below you’ll find a brief introduction to the various SHEL LAB ovens available:

SHEL LAB Forced Air Ovens

SHEL LAB’s forced air laboratory ovens use blowers to force warm air through the interior chamber. The ovens use smaller holes on one side of the chamber and create greater velocity on the opposite side. With less resistance on the other side, air moves evenly over your lab samples.

Forced air lab ovens are often used for drying and curing applications. They forcibly circulate heated air throughout the oven cavity in order to maintain uniform temperature

Gravity Convection Ovens

Drying or baking samples that may easily be blown around in the chamber? A gravity convection oven may be a better choice for your needs.

Gravity convection ovens use natural heat convection to allow warm air to pass gently over samples. Air exchange and moisture loss are adjusted using a top damper. As with all oven applications, the wider the damper, the more moisture is removed. Gravity convection lab ovens operate on the basic principle that warm air rises, pushing down cooler air where it’s heated in turn.  This is useful for lighter weight materials, as air flow is gentler compared to a forced air oven.

High Performance Drying, Curing, and Bake Out Ovens

High Performance ovens are built with thicker gauge metal, highly precise air flow patterns, and more powerful velocity blowers. SHEL LAB’s HF series offers tighter uniformity over a large space which increases drying and curing efficiency. With an extremely high level of precise and uniform heating, these ovens can maintain constant, precise heating for prolonged periods of time while in continuous operation.

Clean Room Ovens

To prevent any flaking or dust from the oven entering a clean room environment, clean room ovens are constructed using 304 stainless steel with gasketed body panels to ensure insulation particulates will not escape. Every Interior chamber is equipped with a HEPA filter to screen all the recirculating air. These ovens are used for applications that require a controlled level of environmental pollutants. SHEL LAB designs these ovens with these requirements in mind.

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum ovens are very effective for decontamination and low moisture determination studies. They’ve been used in semi-conductor production to reduce oxygen exposure. The unique cross-flow ventilation forces inert gas to fill the entire chamber. To achieve the required vacuum levels, users can choose from a 3/8 inch orifice or a KF25 fitting to withstand heavy use and minimize draw-down time. Maximum permitted end vacuum is 10 μ. Leak rate is 10 μ per hour.

The doors on these units have positive latch handles with spring-loaded glass to facilitate a good vacuum seal. With a small bench top footprint, these ovens are perfect for any workspace.