Cress Manufacturing

EPS has a long history carrying the complete line of Cress furnaces with a wide range of heat treating requirements for the laboratory, tool room and production floor. Our ongoing support for units in service has resulted in many repeat customers. And for many units we offer free freight.

Bench Top Furnaces

Entry level furnaces ideal for most small jobs in tool rooms, laboratories, and production shops.

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Mid-Size Furnaces

Made for larger volume jobs, these heavy duty furnaces have all-around heating within close gradients 

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Large Furnaces

These large capacity furnaces feature an axial flow fan to circulate air for even heating.

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Dual Chamber Furnaces

With a minimal footprint, the two chamber design allows for immediate drawing after hardening and quenching.

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Glass and Quartz Annealing Furnaces

Providing controlled temperatures up to 2250F, these furnaces are ideal for annealing glass.

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Aluminum Drop Bottom Furnaces

Designed for Aluminum heat treating, the bottom opening furnaces allow for  quick quenching.

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Shop all industrial furnaces from the cress brand.

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