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EPS Ovens and Lantern Technologies offer real-time solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) recording and archiving process data, as well as automating, controlling, and monitoring highly-regulated, temperature-sensitive processes.

Lantern’s proprietary IoT control and monitoring system is a state-of-the-art, web-based solution that enables remote control and monitoring, as well as full traceability and recording, for heat process equipment in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

The solution easily connects with many types of industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical ovens, such as those supplied by Gruenberg and Blue M. It gathers data to enable full web-based control where several or a large number of ovens may be in use.

  • Information is uploaded to either Lantern’s cloud, or on-premises, servers.
  • Data is secured, stored and available for audit, validation or analysis processes.
  • Multiple users allowed with customizable hierarchy.
  • Using Lantern’s reliable internet gateways, this solution provides full control of your ovens, as well as wired/wireless access to Lantern’s IoT Platform.


The Lantern solution is appropriate for temperature sensitive processes related to medical, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing, as well as the oil and gas industries. The solution is especially suitable for sectors where strict requirements for traceability and process control apply in accordance with regulatory authority norms.

Main Benefits

  • Full visual aids to promptly address oven status and current values.
  • Setting of predefined temperature profiles in accordance with your product specifications.
  • Recovery of last production values and securely stored reports.
  • Enabling of as many approval stages as required for different production runs.
  • Customizable alerts through web, SMS or email, for out of tolerance temperature points.
  • Fully customizable reports and security levels to comply with your regulator’s authority requirements.
  • Capability to automatically link your production and administrative software systems directly to Lantern’s platform for an end to end fully integrated experience.
  • Optional extra sensor inputs for monitoring additional production activities and variables.
  • Ability to monitor your ovens in real time with a modern fully visual and mobile friendly interface.
  • Handy web usability designed for laptops, tablets or smartphones.
  • ZERO automation down payments. Just pay a convenient monthly fee for your access. All devices, gateways and onsite installation included on contract.
  • Prevents incorrect use of ovens, which can result in product waste.
  • Monitoring of temperatures in highly sensitive operations.
  • Compliance with traceability standards and regulations.
  • Increase in overall company productivity.
  • No minimum quantities required.
  • Ability to connect from anywhere, anytime, from any type of device.

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