What to Look for When Choosing an Industrial Oven: EPS President Ken Klein Offers Tips for Buyers (pt. 2)

Last week, EPS President Ken Klein shared with us three categories of customers who purchase large industrial ovens. In this week’s post Ken shares with us what to look for when making the purchase:

Airflow – In real estate, the three primary considerations are location, location and location. For a large forced convection oven the primary considerations, as I see it, are airflow, airflow and airflow. Sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? But airflow is going to determine a number of things, like how efficiently you will heat your load, how fast you will recover after a door open if you will be taking parts in and out, and the temperature uniformity you can expect. And yes – I have chatted with prospective customers who are entertaining quotes from other builders for their standard horizontal-in-from-the-side-vertical-return-to-the-ceiling airflow patterns, when as it turns out their load would block vertical airflow. Likewise I’ve seen instances of a customer looking at horizontal side-to-side quotes when they will stand large panels on end that will block the flow. Give this some thought up front—it will save you a lot of nightmares downstream.

Rate of Rise – How fast do you want to get to temperature? It’s one thing to say you want to get there in 45 minutes if you are heating a load that doesn’t weigh much. Heating up a 40,000 lb. weldment is another story. Be realistic, and depending on the weight and nature of your load the air temperature may get there long before the core of your product.

Next up: Ken talks about the difference between accuracy and uniformity and the challenges of control.