Purchasing a Lab Oven? 4 Ways to Ensure You Find the Right Fit for Your Application

Laboratory ovens are used across multiple industries, so it’s not surprising that there is a large variety of laboratory ovens to consider when it’s time to make a purchase.

Below we’ve outlined what we think are the top 4 factors to consider for a laboratory oven purchase:

Temperature A simple concept on the surface, but this one has layers. Depending on your application (drying, curing, bake-out, etc.) your temperature needs may vary. And just as important: temperature uniformity. Temperature uniformity depends on a combination of factors, including type of circulation and also insulation levels. Let’s break this down by lab oven types:

  1. Forced air: Forced air lab ovens are often used for drying and curing applications, and function by forcibly circulating heated air throughout the oven cavity in order to maintain uniform temperature
  2. Gravity convection: Gravity convection lab ovens operate on the basic principle that warm air rises, pushing down cooler air where it’s heated in turn.  This can be useful for lighter weight objects, as air flow is gentler than that of a forced air lab oven.
  3. High performance: High performance lab ovens are used when an extremely high level of precision is needed for your oven application. High performance ovens can maintain this level of precision for prolonged periods of time and relatively continuous operation.
  4. Clean room ovens: These ovens are used for applications that happen in “clean” rooms, or rooms that require a controlled level of environmental pollutants. Clean room ovens often have additional product features designed to meet these requirements.

CapacityCapacity is a clear factor in choosing the right oven. EPS alone carries more than 20 different capacity laboratory ovens. A clear understanding of just how much capacity you need ensures you won’t end up paying for more oven than you need.

Oven features These include things like shelving design or temperature controllers. Will you need to ramp up and hold your temperature, or will your application require multiple temperatures are met and held during a cycle?

Reputable dealer Really, you should consider the reputation of your seller within the industry. Sure, you can make a quick purchase on eBay, but you may be missing out on key product information by not speaking with an experienced distributor who understands your needs and knows which questions to ask to help you find the oven that’s the best fit.

At EPS, our sales team have unmatched knowledge and industry expertise that can help guide you and ensure your purchase meets your needs exactly.  EPS carries a large selection of high quality SHEL LAB lab ovens to choose from. Visit our product pages for information about specific lab oven products.