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Shel Lab Ovens - SVAC1 Small Vacuum Oven

EPS Ovens has recently begun offering complete custom vacuum oven solutions that include pumps and plumbing for simple installation once it reaches your facility. If you are looking for a vacuum oven...

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Get Help Choosing a SHEL LAB Oven

Have questions before taking on the challenge of selecting the right SHEL LAB oven for your application? From forced air and vacuum oven models to gravity convection ovens, and test...

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SHEL LAB Vacuum Ovens

Dependable Laboratory Oven Design All SHEL LAB vacuum ovens are built with a stainless steel chamber for exceptional durability. Our double plenum design meets UL, CSA and EU safety requirements...

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Purchasing a Lab Oven? 4 Ways to Ensure You Find the Right Fit for Your Application

Laboratory ovens are used across multiple industries, so it’s not surprising that there is a large variety of laboratory ovens to consider when it’s time to make a purchase. (more…)

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Cress Heat Treat Furnaces
EPS Ovens Now Offering Free Freight on All SHEL LAB Ovens & Select Cress Units

For a limited time we are now offering free freight on all SHEL LAB ovens as well as Cress Single Chamber and Cress Dual Chamber Heat Treat Furnaces. The SHEL LAB oven series offers a diverse...

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Gruenberg granulation dryer
About Granulation Dryers

Welded Structural Steel Gruenberg Granulation dryers are available in sizes ranging from 15 cubic feet to 800 cubic feet of chamber capacity. Granulation dryers are built around a welded steel...

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Gruenberg Oven Technology

Design and Manufacturing Gruenberg ovens pursue a philosophy of uncompromising performance and quality. The manufacturer has emerged as a leader in the manufacturing of class100 and heat processing equipment world...

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Heat Treating Applications: When to Choose In-House vs. Outsourcing

For many businesses, the time will eventually come when it’s necessary to choose between using an outside heat treater and purchasing a heat treat furnace to handle your heat treating applications in-house....

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EPS Product Highlight: Industrial Curing Ovens

Industrial curing ovens are used across many industries for a wide range of applications From Aerospace composite curing to semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, curing ovens are often an integral part of completing...

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