Industrial Ovens – Continuous or Batch? A Quick Tutorial on the Benefits and Drawbacks of Each

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You know you need an industrial oven, and you know your application is unique enough you will need to have it custom manufactured to make sure all of your requirements are met. But now comes the big decision—will you choose a continuous style oven, or will a batch oven be better suited to your needs?

Great question! The answer? It really depends. Custom industrial ovens come in all shapes and sizes, from small to practically big as a house, and can be used for a broad range of applications. Some typical applications include:

Batch ovens are a type of industrial oven that do just what the name implies, heat in individual batches requiring one heating process like those included above. The benefits of choosing a batch oven are best suited for applications that include greater variation in load volume. If you will be switching between various sized components, this may be your best option. The downside is that batch industrial ovens are generally less economical to operate since they require more handling and setup time in between batches.

Continuous style ovens offer the benefits of an industrial oven that can be operated at a continuous rate, thereby offering more economical options for high-volume production. In order to offer this type of operation, however, the continuous industrial ovens offer less operational flexibility and are better suited to applications requiring less handling and changeovers.

While this article outlines the two main types of industrial ovens, the options for customization are extensive, and it will be important to discuss your requirements fully with your oven manufacturer. For more helpful tips to consider when you’re ready to make an industrial oven, read our recent article featuring EPS President Ken Klein.

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