Heat Treating Applications: When to Choose In-House vs. Outsourcing

For many businesses, the time will eventually come when it’s necessary to choose between using an outside heat treater and purchasing a heat treat furnace to handle your heat treating applications in-house.

When this day finally arrives, it’s important to consider several factors before making your decision. Heat treat furnaces are often used in tool rooms and other heat treating applications, and these applications generally benefit from the design and function of one our Cress heat treat furnaces.

Important factors to consider:

  • Load capacity & energy consumption – when heat treating, it’s important to consider the volume of production you’ll be treating. Energy used for process heating adds up to a sizable percentage of the total production cost, as maintaining precise temperature control is crucial. These costs will need to be factored in when deciding if it’s more affordable to handle in-house or not. For production-oriented applications, purchase of a heat treat furnace like those manufactured by Cress Manufacturing may provide real cost benefits.
  • Production deadlines and turnaround time for outsourcing – For most businesses, deadlines loom large. Outsourcing your heat treating may be beneficial if you have generous production schedules, but could create the potential for issues when deadlines are tight. Depending on these and the volume of production, purchasing a heat treat furnace can provide additional cost savings associated with sending products to an external heat treater.

Now you are armed and ready to make your decision! Which option will be best for you? Buying a heat treat furnace, or outsourcing your heat treating?