EPS Ovens Now Offering Free Freight on All SHEL LAB Ovens & Select Cress Units

Cress Heat Treat Furnaces

For a limited time we are now offering free freight on all SHEL LAB ovens as well as Cress Single Chamber and Cress Dual Chamber Heat Treat Furnaces.

The SHEL LAB oven series offers a diverse choice of forced air ovens (floor models and bench-top units), gravity convection, clean room ovens, nitrogen purge ovens, and vacuum ovens. You will often hear the terms drying oven, curing oven, or bake out oven being used in industrial applications. These are generic terms that can be represented across multiple heat processing applications.  Click here for help finding the SHEL LAB Oven that will best fit your application.

Cress Heat treat (Hardening) furnaces have higher heat output power than draw furnaces due to the elevated temperatures at which they operate. Heat transfer to the tool steel is accomplished by a very efficient process called direct radiation. Temperature uniformity in these furnaces is best in the red heat range. Normal maximum temperature is 1232°C (2250°F). Optional 1316°C (2400°F.

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