EPS Ovens Article Featured in Process Heating Magazine

Our blog visitors have recently had the chance to learn more about how to go about choosing the proper oven for their application (“What to Look For When Choosing an Industrial Oven: Ken Klein Offers Tips for Buyers“) and now readers of Process Heating Magazine will get a chance as well.

EPS President Ken Klein’s article discussing tips and tools for choosing the right oven was featured this month in Process Heating Magazine, a well known resource for manufacturing engineers who use heat processing equipment and supplies, including product, design and plant engineers.

The article focuses on not only what to look for, but also what to avoid when choosing an industrial oven that will be designed specifically for the application. Customers with clear requirements, Ken points out, are the easiest to understand and to provide the proper oven for their needs:

“Oven building can be a challenging enterprise, especially where large industrial ovens are concerned.”

Included in Ken’s list of items to think about? Crucial items like airflow and rate of rise rank high on the list. These will influence things like efficiency and recovery time down the road.

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