EPS Continuous and Batch Ovens for Solar Panel Curing

Solar panel demand and subsequent manufacturing are growing at an impressive rate.  As noted in one report, “Solar power has been expanding rapidly in the past eight years, growing at an average pace of 40 percent per year”.  At the same time, the cost per kilowatt-hour of solar photovoltaic systems has also been dropping, while electricity generated from fossil fuels is becoming more expensive.  Ultimately meaning that solar power is projected to reach cost parity with conventional power sources in many US markets by 2015 with total contribution to the USA’s power needs reaching 10% by 2025. With a plethora of movers and shakers behind the solar movement, including at the State and Federal level, the solar market and demand for relative products has no ceiling.

As this exciting time in solar energy continues to evolve, EPS ovens is matching the excitement by offering Continuous and Batch ovens for Solar Panel Curing.  Our latest technology in computer based control for solar panel curing ovens offers the versatility to meet your requirements for solar panel manufacturing, as we have for multiple customers to date.

We can work with you quickly to provide a comprehensive proposal as we all move forward with this burgeoning solar power technology .

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