EPS and Durable Heat Treat Furnaces From Cress – Shipped For Free

EPS and Cress Furnaces have been working together for over 20 years. In recognition of this impressive liaison, EPS is offering free shipping for all laboratory and tool room furnaces.

While the competitive pricing Cress offers helps, it has always been the quality, durability, and service of Cress forging the basis of this long time business relationship. This partnership prospers as EPS, a seller, is extremely familiar , knowledgeable and confident when it comes to the Cress product line, and Cress has the experience and name that sells itself.

Cress Furnaces have built their reputation over years by building some of the most durable Heat Treat Furnaces available, ensuring long, consistent and precise use. Cress engineers  have identified the most efficient chamber sizes, temperature ranges, and the highest demanded accessories. In addition to their longstanding name and experience, the Cress service mantra is one of speedy, timely, and reliable support where the goal is to “achieve an excellent product to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.”

A large part of their customer support is their overall lead time. An experienced company like Cress has the manufacturing process down to a science, which means a 3-4 week lead time for products. An extremely short period in the furnace world. EPS stands behind their ability to customize their furnaces by extending capabilities or features beyond their base build for specific needs. They also can provide custom or personal sizes. In terms of ongoing support for replacement parts, such as a heating element, they have lead-times as short as one day.

EPS is also highly confident with Cress Furnaces when it comes to AMS Requirements. Cress’ experience ensures they always have their thumb on the pulse of the closely governed Aerospace specifications.

Engineered Product Sales represents the complete line of Cress Furnaces. The Cress Heat Treat Furnace line includes lab furnacesmedium and large production furnaces, and drop bottom quench furnaces.