A History of Engineered Product Sales Corp.

Cress Heat Treatment- Benchtop Heat Treating Furnace Front

Ever wonder how EPS came to be in the first place? Read on!

Engineered Product Sales Corp. (EPS) was incorporated back in 1979 as a representative firm with Ken Klein at the helm. Ken holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Administration.

In the early years, EPS concentrated on the sale of ovens for the Gruenberg Oven Company, a brand already well known for their line of pharmaceutical and depyrogenation ovens. (Learn more about Gruenberg Ovens.)

Custom unit requirements arose in the mid 1980 and these became the incentive for EPS to begin engineering our own systems, integrating Gruenberg ovens with special material handling equipment. With the introduction of the new EPS systems to the market, the brand Engineered Production Systems was born. Currently, EPS is able to address any size and complexity of industrial unit as a result of its partnership with Baker Furnace in Yorba Linda, California, where EPS ovens are fabricated. The EPS/Baker partnership has resulted in the creation of large specialized units for solar panel curing, steel weldment stress relieving, and annealing. These units include batch and continuous configurations for a wide range of industrial applications.

In the early 1990’s EPS added Cress furnaces to our product offerings, working closely with the Cress plant on customer requirements and offering free freight to any location in the 48 contiguous US States.

Forced convection and vacuum lab ovens from Cascade Tek and Sheldon Manufacturing were also added in response to EPS customer requests for standard and readily available models. EPS also pays the freight on these units to any location in the 48 contiguous US States.

Today, EPS addresses a wide variety of applications for ovens and furnaces for the laboratory, industrial and pharmaceutical markets. We take pride in our engineering expertise, and welcome all inquiries for both standard configurations and custom units.