20 Years Later, EPS Ovens and Cress Manufacturing Partnership Continues to Deliver Top Results for Industrial Heat Treating

Cress Heat Treat Furnaces

The longstanding sales partnership between EPS and Cress Manufacturing combines premium sales and service with manufacturing excellence.

At EPS we are proud that after more than 20 years together, our sales partnership with Cress Manufacturing, a longstanding leader in the heat treating industry, continues to provide top tier sales, service and products for the heat treating furnace market, offering customers more than 70 years of combined experience manufacturing and selling industrial ovens, furnaces and other heat treat products including lab ovens.

“Cress continues to evolve our product lines to have the right sizes, accessories and temperature range to bring to market,” says Arturo Maldonado, Manager of Cress Manufacturing Company located in Carson City, Nevada. This spirit of innovation is the driving force behind Cress’s continued success in providing sought after heat treat furnaces and kilns for applications as diverse as research labs, machine shops, production ceramics facilities and even the space program.

The longevity of the partnership between our two companies stems in large part from EPS President Ken Klein’s reputation and in-depth knowledge of industrial heating ovens: “Ken has specific focus on industrial markets and knows his customers very well,” says Maldonado. “He has so much experience and is so meticulous that he always gets the customers the right Cress Furnace. He has been selling industrial ovens, and heat treat furnaces, so long it would be hard to find someone else with as much application knowledge.”

Shared knowledge and experience have been integral components over the course of the 20-year relationship between EPS and Cress. EPS works closely with Cress’s manufacturing plant on customer requirements: “Cress’ extensive manufacturing and heat treat knowledge creates some of the most reliable heat treat furnaces on the market,” says EPS President Ken Klein. “At EPS, we work hard to understand the needs of our customers and to provide the best products for their applications. We trust in the quality and reliability of Cress furnaces and are very happy to be able to offer the Cress line to EPS customers.”