Cress Manufacturing

EPS has a long history carrying the complete line of Cress furnaces with a wide range of heat treating requirements for the laboratory, tool room and production floor. Our ongoing support for units in service has resulted in many repeat customers.

Cress Bench Top and Lab Furnaces

Cress Heat Treatment- Small Laboratory Furnace

Benchtop Lab Furnaces

Cress Lab Furnaces are designed for those users who require automatic temperature controlled furnaces from 250F to 2250F at a low cost.  These furnaces are ideal for the small jobs found in Tool Rooms, Production Shops and Laboratories.

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Cress Heat Treatment- Benchtop Heat Treating Furnace

Benchtop Heat Treat Furnaces

The Bench Top line of Cress Furnaces is designed for general use in the shop, laboratory or on the production floor, where temperatures from 300F to 2250F, with an option for 2400F if needed, are required.  These furnaces are used in a wide variety of testing and heat treating applications.

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Benchtop Draw / Tempering Furnaces

The Cress Bench Top Tempering Furnaces are equipped with a stainless steel fan and motor assembly to provide for forced convection to attain the uniformity needed at the temperatures used for draw, tempering and other related applications.  The normal operating range for these units is 300F to 1250F, but an option for a maximum operating temperature of 2000F is available for those operations where high temperature heat treating and draw or temper are to be done in the same unit.

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Cress Dual Chamber and Mid Size Furnaces


Tool Room Dual Chamber Furnaces

The Cress Dual Chamber Furnaces are designed for those applications where a high temperature heat treat furnace, a quench tank plus a separate chamber for draw or temper are needed in one unit to minimize floor space.  The two chambers allow for immediate draw or temper after quench without waiting for the chamber to cool to the lower temperature required, as would be the case with a single chamber unit.

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Mid Size Heat Treat Furnaces

These units are designed for heavy duty larger volume jobs requiring controlled temperatures to 2250F.

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Mid Size Tempering Furnaces

The Cress mid size tempering furnaces are designed for low temper draw or temper operations where loads are larger and heavier than those that can be addressed by the Bench Top units.

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ae-1520 dual-chamber-furnace

Mid Size Dual Chamber Furnaces

The Cress mid size dual chamber furnaces are designed for those who require a large high temperature heat treat furnace plus a separate draw/temperature furnace all within minimum floor space.  The two chambers allow for immediate tempering or draw operations after quench without the wait period needed for a single chamber unit to cool to the lower temperature required.

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Cress Large and Industrial Heat Treat Furnaces


Large Production Heat Treat Furnaces

In this series the C30 and C36 models offer a larger capacity chamber for production loads where where temperatures up to 2250F are required.  These units are supplied standard with side hinged doors, with an option for a vertical lift door offered.  The C336 and C444 models in this series are the largest standard units offered, and can operate in the range from 200F to 1950F.  In the C336 and C444 a 6-bladed axial flow fan is standard, to provide circulating air and close uniformity.  An option for operation to 2250F is offered by use of 4-zone control in the place of the axial flow fan.  Larger custom units can be quoted on request.

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Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat Furnaces

The Cress drop bottom units are designed for aluminum solution heat treatment, to a temperature of 1200F, and provide a temperature gradient of +5F or less.

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Top Loading Furnaces

The Cress Top Loading Furnaces are designed primarily for annealing glass, or for bake-out applications, but can be used for a wide variety of applications where top-loading is required, at temperatures to 2250F.

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Cress Manufacturing

Assay Furnaces

The Cress Assay furnaces are designed primarily for assaying mined materials in the lab or on the factory floor, where temperatures from 300F to 2250F are required.  These units can also be used for a variety of other heat treat applications, and have embedded elements and a rear-mounted removal blower and duct system for removing outgas products.

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