CVO-2B Standard Oven System with Scroll Pump

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Small Batch, Gentle Vacuum Purging of Temperature Sensitive Material

This Cascade Sciences vacuum oven system with scroll pump is the ideal benchtop set-up for vacuum drying or purging temperature sensitive material requiring a steady, gentle, non-turbulent purge. Temperatures below 150 °F and vacuum levels just below 1 torr.

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Our TVO-2B, 2 cubic ft vacuum oven is connected to the quiet, clean and powerful Agilent IDP3 oil-free scroll pump.  The Agilent scroll pump has a low cost of ownership and can be maintained and cleaned in house.

Both oven and pump can run off a single dedicated 120V / 1ph / 2O AMP circuit.


  • Flexible shelving configuration of 5 each 11.5″ x 19″  stackable shelves
  • Digital temperature readout with temp sensor INSIDE the oven
  • Solvent resistant  BUNA door gasket
  • Bright LED lights in window for visibility of sensitive material
  • Digital vacuum gauge reads in inches of mercury
  • Smooth quarter turn Swagelok vacuum and vent valves
  • Rear KF-25 port allows for rapid MAX EVAP purging or running feedthroughs inside oven for monitoring

2 cu. ft.

Interior Dimensions WxDxH in.

12" x 20" x 12"

Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in.

18.75" x 26.5" x 24.5"

Temperature Stability

+/-2 °F at 105 °F

Temperature Range

26 °F above ambient temperature to 150°F


120V/1ph/20AMP Circuit

Pump Type

Agilent IDP3 Oil-Free, Scroll Pump

Pumping Speed

2.3 CFM


5 stackable shelves in 1”, 2” and 3” configurations

Ultimate Pressure

29.9 ”Hg / 2.5 x10-1 torr

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