Cascade CVO-10 Vacuum Oven on Mobile Stand

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Model CVO-10 – A high production, large vacuum oven for low temp vacuum purging of sensitive materials. Pump and Connections Sold Separately.

Item No: CVO-10-L-S

Cascade’s Model CVO-10 offers incredible temperature stability for vacuum drying and purging of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, and slurries – especially temperature sensitive material. This vacuum oven liberates solvents, water, and other unwanted compounds. It’s ideal for large batch production environments.  Moves easily on mobile stand with industrial casters.   NRTL Certified and made in USA.

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Processing Temperature Sensitive Material? The CVO-10 offers superior temp stability under vacuum.

Cascade’s CVO-10 version offers excellent temperature uniformity for products such as pharmaceuticals, slurries or any product that can be damaged or destroyed by temperature fluctuations.

CVO-10 Vacuum Oven Features

  • NRTL Certified by TUV
  • 9 sliding, removable shelves that pull out and stay in place for easy load/unload
  • Stable temperature control. Digital temperature readout with temp sensor INSIDE the oven
  • Easy mobility as oven sits on heavy duty industrial cart.  Pump sits underneath at base of cart.
  • VITON door gasket
  • Bright LED lights in window for visibility of sensitive material
  • Digital vacuum gauge reads in inches of mercury or torr
  • Smooth, quarter-turn vent valve
  • Rear KF-25 port includes MAXEVAP Connection Kit for rapid vacuum drying or running feedthroughs inside oven for monitoring
  • 220V / 1ph  / 10AMPS
  • Quality Tempered Rated Glass NGI-US to ANSI Z97.1.2007 156CFR/201 11  SGCC -2577 ½ UA
  • Ergonomic. Turn vacuum pump on/off from oven control panel
  • Fast Venting with larger ½” diameter vent line
  • Rear vent barb allows for nitrogen or other inert gas connection
  • Touch Panel LED control screen with user settable features
  • Walls lined with heat conductive copper known to have antimicrobial properties that help prevent bacteria buildup

9.3 Cubic Ft. (263 Liters)

Interior Dimensions WxDxH in.

28”W x 24”D x 24”H

Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in.

42” W x 40” D x 67.4”H


9.3 Cubic Ft. (263 Liters)

Temperature Range

Ambient +26° to 302°F / Ambient +15° to 150°C

Temperature Stability

@ 105°F +/- 0.2°F – ±0.2°F
@ 200°F +/-0.4°F – ±0.4°F
@ 302°F +/- 0.2°F – ±0.2°F

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