SKU: 20LDecarbReact-RR
20L Decarb Reactor Package

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Item No: 20LDecarbReact-RR

Cascade has assembled a complete reactor package for efficiently decarbing large scale viscous crude prior to distillation. We use the highest quality components from world-class manufacturers like Agilent, Heidolph, Huber, and Radleys UK.

  • Quicker Processing Time – Almost 2x Faster than Decarbing in an Oven
  • Less Handling and Dish Transfer
  • Less Product Loss
  • Connect Directly to Your Rotovap for Process Flow

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Why Radleys Reactor Ready?

Not all glass lab reactors are created equal. Cascade has selected the Radleys Reactor Ready from the UK for the following unique features:

  • Glass vessels may be changed in seconds without tools, for easy cleaning and the ability to easily use a wide range of vessels
  • Vessel jacket drains back into TCU reservoir with a simple turn of a knob, no mess
  • Hose couplings are hand-tight (no wrenches) and made of PEEK which expands at the same rate as glass, eliminating leaks
  • Self-aligning stir shaft positions itself quickly and perfectly in a way that does not create friction on the Teflon stir bearing, eliminating the fish of PTFE flaking into your vessel
  • TCU hoses attach to frame, not directly to the vessel itself, placing less strain on the glass joints, preventing chipping.

Package Includes:

  • Reactor: Reactor Ready 20L Glass Jacketed Vessel
  • Stirring: Heidolph Hei-TORQUE CORE
  • Temperature Control: Huber CC-308B
  • Temperature Probe Monitors / Controls Temp Inside Reactor
  • Vacuum:  Agilent IDP3 Vacuum Pump
  • Thermal Fluids, Hoses, Connections

The temperature probe installed inside the reactor provides accurate, real-time temperature control at the site of decarb reaction. The Huber CC-308B controls the temperature. Equipped with a multitouch 5.7″ touch screen for easy control and use. All important operating parameters and temperature values are neatly displayed on the touchscreen. Includes a favorites menu, the one-click operation, and integrated technical glossary, making operation easy and intuitive. Integrated USB and Ethernet ports allows connection to a PC or network, e.g. for remote control or data transmission.

Prevent contamination. The vacuum pump is oil free. Agilent’s IDP3 Vacuum Pump is a clean, oil-free dry scroll pump designed to outgass final bits of solvent, terp outgassing. NRTL Certified.

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