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2″ Diamond Miner Crystallization Chamber

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Item No: DiamondMiner-2

The 2″ (300 ML) Diamond Miner Crystallization Chamber by Turnkey Lab Systems can operate pressurized or un-pressurized. When pressurized to 13 – 15 PSI, the system can grow very large crystals. Safer than the mason/ bell jar processes.

  • Holds up to 280 grams of crude material
  • Suitable to hold live resin
  • Can run on biomass from 1-8 pounds (6% yield)
  • 2″ Unit Suitable for 5 to 6 lb runs
  • 14 day typical crystal growth time 

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How the Crystallization Chamber Works:

The Diamond Miner works by modulating pressure and water content of live resin. It can be pressurized to 15 PSI.  Additionally there is a desiccant chamber that can be opened – making way to remove water from the resin while the system is under pressure. Live resin often contains large amounts of water because extraction occurs on frozen biomass. Excess water can often extend the process to grow crystals.

Safer than ball jars.  Ball jars cannot be pressurized from the outside and are quite unsafe and it is estimated that they will eventually be banned by most regulatory agencies.

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