SKU: 10L-Crys-CS
10L Crystal Sieve Filter Reactor System

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10L Crystal Sieve Filter Reactor System

Item Number 10L-Crys-CS 

  • Ideal for reactions, crystallization and production of isolate powder.
  • This turnkey set-up includes all necessary components from quality manufacturers like AGI, Huber, Agilent, and Heidolph.
  • Professional set-up and installation included.
  • The reactor lid swings to the side to allow for easy access to the powder.

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Model 10L-Crys-CS Crystal Sieve System Includes:

  • 10L Glass Jacketed Reactor by AGI with stainless steel filtration base
  • Vessel lid removal & swing apparatus for easy access
  • Heidolph Precision 200 Overhead Stirrer allows for forward & reverse rotation
  • Temperature Control by Huber’s CC-508 -55°C to +200°C
  • Cascade Sciences MAXTRAP50 Cold Trap to -50°C
  • Agilent IDP7 Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump – Clean, Quiet and Oil Free
  • Glass Carboy for pentane recovery
  • Each component sits on industrial mobile cart for easy of workflow, work space
  • All Connection Hardware, Temp control thermal fluids
  • On-Site Installation
  • NRTL Listed Components

You Will Need:

  • Pentane for crystallization processes
  • Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning
  • “Seed” isolate to encourage nucleation
  • Distillate
  • 185mm Filter Paper


Foot Print of Base Filtration Unit (Mobile on Casters)

  • 44″W x 31″D x 74″H height includes swing arm / stir support rod (78.74cm x 111.76cm x 188cm)

Foot Print of Vacuum Pump & MAXTRAP50 on Cart (Mobile)

  • 20″W x 50.6″H  (50cm x 128.5cm)

Foot Print of Huber CC-505 Temp Control on Cart (Mobile)

  • 25.5″W x 26″D x 65″H (64.77cm x 66.04cm x 165cm)


You will need at least one dedicated 220V 20AMP Service to run the Huber Temp Control.  The Overhead Stirrer, Cold Trap and Vacuum Pump can run on a single 120V 20AMP Circuit.

Heidolph Overhead Stirrer

  • 115V / 1ph / 105Watts

Cascade MAXTRAP50 Cold Trap

  • 115V / 1ph / 4 AMP

Huber CC-508 Temp Control

  • 208V / 1ph / 16.5 AMP

Agilent IDP7 Vacuum Pump

  • 120V / 1ph / 3-6 AMP
  • 220V or 120V selectable
  • Request 220V pump at time of order

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