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HBX Green 5L Benchtop Package

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Heidolph GREEN Package – Complete 5 Liter Benchtop Rotary Evaporator

Item No: 36400012

Designed for reliable and efficient evaporation or vacuum distillation. The Heidolph 5 Liter GREEN Package includes everything you need to begin benchtop evaporation, refinement, solvent recovery and distillation. The system is NRTL Certified. Best in class 3 year warranty.

Expect an evaporation rate for pure ethanol using the G3XL condenser and 5L flask of approx 3.5L/hr.

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Heidolph 5 Liter GREEN Rotary Evaporator Package Includes:

Heating Bath & Control Base – Hei-VAP Ultimate

Highest Temperature Bath. Only the Hei-VAP heating bath reaches 210°C
If bath temperature overshoots by 5°C and if your water bath runs dry, heating will be switched off automatically by two independent safety circuits. Individually pre-program a maximum temperature at which the bath powers off

An integrated pour spout to remove bath fluid safely and accommodates flasks up to 5 liters. Heating bath fluid sold separately.

Non-slip handles
Provide safe transportation eliminate the risk of scalding

Motor Lift
The heating bath can be adjusted horizontally up to 200 mm. In case of a power failure, the motor lift models will remove the flask from the heating bath preventing safety hazards and potential thermal damage to your product

Ingress Protection Rating IP67 Prevents Short Circuits & Corrosion
To prevent short circuits and corrosion, the electrical cable coupling complies with the high protection class IP67

Electrical Reqs: 115 V | 12A | 60 Hz

Vacuum Pump – Valve Tec (036304780)

The vacuum pump included with the GREEN Package is a clean, oil-free, 2 stage diaphragm vacuum pump. All components that contact solution vapors are built from chemically resistant PTFE fluoropolymer. The gas ballast valve has been optimized to prevent media condensing in the pump. This pump is made in Germany.

  • Ultimate Vac 12 mbar
  • Max Pumping Speed .75 m3/hr
  • Suction capacity of 0.75 m³/h
  • Recommended for solvents with low or medium boiling points
  • Vacuum can be controlled manually or via valve operated vacuum controllers
  • Can be combined with a condenser
  • Power input: 80 W
  • Weight: 6.0 kg
  • Dimensions: L145/W315/H169 mm
  • Electrical Reqs 115 V | 12A | 60 Hz

Vacuum Control – Less babysitting, more efficient recovery, vacuum pump preservation
The GREEN Package vacuum control is a solenoid valve cycling between optimal vacuum set points. Vacuum control allows for “walk away” distillation, rather than having a dedicated person controlling the vacuum.

Vacuum control is important. Want even more precise vacuum control?
Consider upgrading to the PLATINUM 5 Liter Package. The PLATINUM Package has the same components as the GREEN Package, but with an RPM Regulated Vacuum Pump for more precise vacuum control. The RPM regulated vacuum pump has a variable speed motor, automatically adjusting the vacuum pump speed without a vacuum valve. The RPM Regulated pump can come to a complete stop when the required level of vacuum is achieved. The PLATINUM Package offers the most precise vacuum control for more efficient evaporation rates.

Chiller – Hei-Chill 600

Undersized or inefficient chillers can be a weak link in rotary evaporation or vacuum distillation performance. On less expensive models, be sure to compare performance data of the included chiller. The Rotachill Duo Chiller is made in the USA.

  • Cooling Capacity at -10°C is 600 Watts
  • Electrical Reqs: 120V | 12A | 60Hz

Note that 10L of Kryo fluid is included in the package.

Recommended Coolant

  • Lauda Kryo 30 Thermal Fluid

Quality Glassware From Germany

Thin, unbalanced glass can easily break, contributing to on-going maintenance and consumables costs. Heidolph’s glass is high quality lab-grade glass manufactured in Germany.

Heidolph GREEN Package Glassware

  • Vertical Condenser Glassware G3B XL; condensing surface of 2200 cm2 for maximum evaporation rates; with transparent protective, plastic coating. 24/40 neck size
  • 5L Evaporation Flask (036305000)
  • 3L Receiving Flask (036302590)
  • Vapor Tube
  • Patented Glass Flask Clamp – “Easy-Clip” – won’t get lost due to a direct connection to the drive and the integrated screw thread allows easy removal of sticking glass flasks. The Easy-Clip is made of highly resistant synthetic material which ensures a long life of performance

Included Accessories

Vacuum Valve (036308070)
This vacuum valve is a solenoid style that opens and closes to regulate the vacuum level between optimal set points.

Vapor Temp Sensor with Patented Clamping Sleeve (036308010)
The patented clamping sleeve allows easy removal of the vapor tube from the drive keeping production flowing. The Hei-VAP vapor tube does not get stuck in the drive, thus eliminating the risk of broken glass.

Tube Set (036302180)
All hoses and connection lines for the GREEN PACKAGE

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