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Spider Evaporation Flask

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Item No: 36302770

Heidolph Spider Flask
5 Each – 100ml / 500ml Total

Upgrade the standard evaporation flask on all Heidolph Hei-VAP benchtop rotary evaporators with this 5-Flask Spider.  Reduce the amount of rotary evaporation cycles by creating 5 separate batches for further evaluation processing.

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Ideal For Process & Method Development:

  • Determining which mix of reactants is most useful
  • Inorganic chemistry processes, development of metal salts, catalysts, etc.
  • Undergraduate labs where multiple samples must be created and individually researched

5 Flask  Evaporating Spider Fits Heidolph 5 Liter, Benchtop Rotary Evaporators:

  • Hei-VAP Advantage
  • Hei-VAP Value Digital
  • Hei-VAP Precision
  • HBX GREEN Package
  • HBX PLATINUM Package

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